We offer many years of experience to manage any technology project, including AI-based advanced apps.         

Proposal Management         

Requirements Management        

Solution Design          

Mobile App Development          

Solution Deployment         

Customized Training

​Large companies have a luxury: they have resources to keep a CIO, CTO, and IT staff on payroll. Small businesses do not have that luxury.

We offer the CIO-On-Demand solution -- the quality of the "Big Guys" with a price to fit your budget.

Business Analysis and Consulting,

IT Needs Assessment, Strategic Planning, Solution Finding, ​Vendor Management.

We can help keep your IT growth, implementation, and support needs in line with your business plan.


Security Solutions are essential to protect and preserve your data, intellectual and computer property. 

We provide a number of Security Solutions:

E-mail SPAM protection

Virus protection

Firewall protection

Data Back-Ups

​Biometric Applications for network access and authentication



Your computer network is the nervous system of your business. ​ If it is down, you can expect to lose a day -- or more -- of productivity. We provide the solutions so that your network is available and grows with your business. ​

  • PC, POS and server configuration and installation,
  • LAN/WAN & Wireless Network configuration and installation,
  • Video ​Security and Monitoring 
  • Network Monitoring and Administration,
  • Remote Access,
  • Internet Access Sharing,
  • ​Back Up Services.


We offer complete solutions for all your web presence needs.

  • Domain Registration, Web Site Design,
  • Web Site Development,
  • iPhone and iPad app development e-commerce site,
  • Web Analytics.

​Professional graphic design, state-of-the-art development tools, years of experience, and competitive pricing make our Web Services the best solution for all your web needs.